“The Most Comfortable Work Shoes ”

No one wants to struggle on their commute and then spend the entire work day in toe-slipping, ankle-scarring heels. Whether you work in a creative field or on the more corporate side, comfort comes first; especially when there are copious amounts of emails to be answered, meetings to attend, and running to do. From the block heel to the ankle boot, these are the 3 most comfortable styles of work shoes to wear to your 9-to-5.

  1. The Cool Girl Mule

Mules—whether minimal or intricately detailed—are an easy slide-on shoe that are virtually painless. With all the different iterations currently on-trend, the options are endless now. Wear them with everything from sweater dresses and tailored trousers to turtlenecks and midi skirts.

[ JANE – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) , SPINI – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) , BOLIVIA – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) ]

  1. The Low-Heeled Bool

Sky-high boots may give the height you desire, but also the arch pain that you don't. After running back and forth from the office to the coffee counter all day, make life a bit easier with a low-heeled boot. They're the perfect height for comfort, leg-lengthening, and showing off a cropped pair of trousers.

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  1. The Easy Sneaker

If you're lucky enough to work in a creative field where strict dress codes are a thing of the past, look to the work sneaker. When worn with suiting separates and tailored pants, this beyond-comfortable shoe becomes desk appropriate.

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