“5 Romantic Gifts She'll Love No Matter the Occasion”

It’s a universal truth: There’s no feeling quite like the beginning of a new relationship, when every moment feels warm and fuzzy, and fireworks ignite every time you’re together. But even if you’re several months, years, or decades in, it’s always possible to re-create that feeling. We’re not saying the only way to do that is with a lavish, romantic gift, but it’s certainly not a bad start.

Still, a thoughtful gesture can mean anything from a modest bouquet of fresh-cut flowers to a luxury watch she’d never buy for herself. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or even nothing in particular, know this: When trying to give a romantic, impassioned gift, it’s best to opt as far from practical as possible (so save the AirPods for another time). Ahead, romantic gift ideas that’ll wow her—no matter the occasion.

1. Puff-Sleeve Duchess-Silk Minidress

Tell her to grab her favorite heels because you're going out. (Just don't forget to make the reservations a few weeks in advance.)

[ CELINE – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) ]

2. Kendi Bra in Black

Lingerie that's as comfortable as it is sexy is a double win.

[ MILANI – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) ]

3. Washable Silk Slip

If full-on lingerie feels like too much, this easy slipdress should do it.

[ SOIR – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) ]

4. Alphabet Letter

Win extra Brownie points by getting both of your initials and stringing them on a single chain.

[ AMOR – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) ]

5. Leather Shoulder Bag

Sure, a practical handbag may not feel romantic at first glance, but when she pairs it with a slinky slipdress, it’ll certainly feel dreamy.

[ BORSA – CÉDELAR (cedelarparis.com) ]