The https://cedelar.com website is dedicated to consumers, with the express exclusion of every professional customer. The provision of the data necessary for the execution of commercial transactions, as well as the Privacy Policy, is necessary in order to proceed with the purchase of the Products for sale.
Before each purchase, the customer must carefully read the conditions below, keeping a copy on paper or digitally.

For the purposes of these conditions of sale, the following are meant:

  • Product or Products : One or more of the promoted products available for purchase / order on the website Cedelar.com
  • Customer : The user who purchases one or more Products available for purchase / order on the Website cedelar.com
  • Site : The website https://cedelar.com The Seller is in no way responsible for the purchase of Products or services present on other sites
  • Order : the order of the Product or Products, made by the Customer on the Site.

1. Scope of application

Each Purchase Order via the Internet is governed by these General Conditions of Sale, formulated in accordance with the current legislation on contracts concluded outside commercial premises.

  • By submitting an Order, you declare that you have read, understood and accepted these General Conditions of Sale.
  • By placing an Order, the Customer declares.

1) to be a consumer according to the provisions of art. 3 Legislative Decree 206/05;

2) to be of age;

3) that the data provided by the same for the execution of the Contract are correct and true;

4) to have read all the information provided to him during the purchase procedure, and to fully accept the general and payment conditions indicated in the purchase procedure.

The Seller reserves the right to modify these General Conditions of Sale at any time by publishing a new version on this Website. The conditions applicable to the individual Order are those published on the Site at the time of placing the Order.

2. Order Procedure and conclusion of the contract

The Customer can choose the Products available within the assortment offered by the Site.The Products selected by the user, through the "Add to Cart" button, will be included within of a virtual shopping cart, and will be viewable via the "Cart" link on the top right bar of the Site. The products chosen by the customer will be displayed inside the cart; by clicking on the "Checkout" button, the Site will initiate the procedure for inserting the proposed Order in the Seller's system.

At this stage, the customer will have the opportunity to view the quantities, final prices, contact details and any other relevant information, and to enter the personal and credit card data necessary to complete the purchase. The Order sent by the Customer via the Site must be complete in all its parts and does not bind the Seller until the moment the latter sends a confirmation via e-mail. The order confirmation will contain the summary of the Products purchased, the relative prices, the date of delivery and the general and particular conditions applicable to the Order itself. The Seller reserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse the execution of some orders, in particular (but not exclusively) in the event of unpaid precedents and unpaid invoices. In case of non-acceptance of the Order.

3. Products - Assortment - Availability of Products

The Products that can be purchased and / or ordered are those displayed on the Site, available at the time of the Order.
The Seller also reserves the right to change, by deleting or adding Products, the choice of Products displayed on the Site at its sole discretion.
The Seller cannot be held responsible for the temporary or definitive unavailability of one or more Products. In the event that execution of the Order is not possible due to the unavailability of one or more Products, the Seller will inform the Customer in writing within 30 days. The sending of the Order request is in any case valid as the Customer's prior acceptance of even partial delivery of the Order, limited to the Products available within those ordered. Obviously, no sum will be charged for the unavailable Products and in the event that such unavailability emerges after payment, the Seller will promptly pay the sums paid in excess for that purpose by the Customer,

4. Prices and charges to be borne by the buyer

The prices applicable for the Products ordered are those shown on the Site on the date of transmission of the Order and are to be considered VAT included. Any promotional offers relating to the Products displayed will be appropriately highlighted on the Site. Shipping costs which will be those indicated on the Site at the time the Order is made and which will vary according to the place of shipment, the weight / size of the package are not included. , as well as the size of the Order.

Any promotions relating to delivery costs will still be highlighted on the Site from time to time. The payment of any customs duties, taxes, duties and border charges will be the sole responsibility of the buyer. If the calculation of customs duties, taxes, duties and border charges cannot be made at the time of purchase, the relative payment will in any case remain the responsibility of the Customer. The Seller, therefore, cannot be held responsible for the non-delivery of the purchased Product, where the same is due to the non-payment of customs duties, taxes, duties and border charges.

5. Payments

Upon submitting the Order proposal, the Customer will pay the relative amount by Credit Card (among those indicated on the Site). Payment can be made using only one type of card that covers the entire amount of the purchase. Credit card data will be encrypted during transactions for security reasons. The Seller reserves the right to request additional information from the Customer (e.g. landline number) or to send a copy of documents proving ownership of the Card used. In the absence of the required documentation, the Seller reserves the right not to accept the Order. No computer file of the Seller will keep such data. In no case can the Seller therefore be held responsible for any fraudulent and undue use of credit cards by third parties, at the time of payment for products purchased on the Site. The issue of the invoice is subject to specific Customer request formulated at time of the Order by filling in the appropriate field. Invoices will be issued exclusively in electronic format.

In case of non-acceptance of the Order, the Seller will promptly issue the full refund of the sums advanced by the customers.
Unless otherwise agreed with the Customer, in the event of cancellation of the Order, both by the Customer and in the event of non-acceptance of the same by the Seller, the latter will be asked at the same time to cancel the transaction and release the amount committed to the Credit Card. The release times, for some types of cards, depend exclusively on the banking system and can reach their natural expiry (24th day from the authorization date). Once the transaction has been canceled, in no case can the Seller be held responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, caused by delay in the failure to release the amount committed by the banking system.

6. Failure to deliver

If the customer does not make himself available to collect the Product, the carrier may leave a notice with the instructions to proceed with the return or collection of the shipped Product. The Customer relieves the Seller of any liability deriving from the failure to return or the withdrawal of the Product, even if due to the failure to issue the notice or, in any case, to the negligence of the Customer.
In the event that the delivery is not successful due to an event attributable to the Customer (or because it is not possible to make the delivery in the place indicated at the time of the order confirmation, so that the Customer or the person appointed by him does not have a valid or large credit, or if it is impossible to pay by credit card) the Order will be considered canceled and the Customer will be charged the cost of delivery and that of the Products that cannot be traded further.