What to wear on a rainy day in Paris

When you’re all sad and gloomy because of the rain, there are great-looking outfits that will help you get through your entire day. Some rainy day outfit essentials are jackets, boots, scarves.. And don’t forget an umbrella. Here are a few outfit ideas to brighten up your rainy day.

Dad shoes and leather jacket

When it's raining out, getting dressed feels harder than usual. But by going back to the basics and opting for what you know, your look is sure to hold up throughout the day. Grab your favorite chunky sneakers and elevate them with a leather jacket, some sunglasses, and a sturdy umbrella that won't turn on you while walking down the street.

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Classy Trenchcoat and high boots

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There is something so classy and chic about a warm brown trenchcoat over a black outfit. From the eye-pleasing neutrals to the Parisian style of stripped-down glamour, this stylish ensemble gets all the heart eyes. Perfect for a cold, drizzly fall day, this easy-peasy look will have people thinking you are a bonafide fashionista! Simply layer a black crewneck sweater with a long, brown trench and pair it with some faux leather leggings. Throw on some rainboots or chunky lace-up boots, if the weather allows for it. Accessorize with a black leather purse and a simple silver necklace.

Pattern coat with chunky boots

A cozy ribbed set is made for traveling, so if you have to be somewhere or need to run errands when there's a downpour, this'll be your go-to. If it’s a little cold, you can add a pattern padded jacket over for some details. (Just make sure you bring an umbrella.)

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